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    Anyone else having this problem? The majority of my friends from Facebook had their picture transferred to my Pre for their contact listing, however a handful of them did not transfer over (I verified that they actually HAD a photo on facebook). Anyone know why this would occur/how to fix it?

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    I think this is more of an issue with Facebook. Facebook is having problems displaying pictures / videos lately. I uploaded a bunch of photos yesterday and they all gone missing......
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    Having the same issue. Anyone know of a fix?
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    Noticed this too - wondering might it be anything to do with some people on facebook having more security settings turned on. You can limit access to most things on your facebook profile.
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    Did you sync?

    Go to either Calendar or Contacts. On the app menu choose "Preferences & Accounts" then press "Sync Now."
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    I'm pretty sure it is was jusk mentioned. Some people on facebook have extra security settings so I haven nocited those people don't usually have a facebook picture on my pre.
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    Regardless of friends' security settings, I've been having that problem on the Pre since day one. Some days, all the friends in my recent-text list have perfectly-synced FB photos ... other days, 1 out of every 3 is a blank icon, despite the fact that they haven't deleted their Facebook accounts or anything.

    It's weird - I put it down to either a Synergy or a FB thing.

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