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    Wondering whether any of you new Pre holders have MobileMe and whether you can get more than just email from MobileMe.

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    I have MobileMe with just email. I'm assuming that contact and calendar aren't going to sync since there isn't an option for it under accounts in either app. Total bummer.

    I setup a gmail account to sync my personal contacts and calendar but the contacts/calendar sync doesn't seem to be real time. At least, it hasn't been on mine.
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    I setup my Address Book to sync with Google. Then I added my google account to the Pre.

    If you don't have a Google account, create one. You don't have to use gmail to get one, google "Google Accounts" to get the sign-up page. (Sorry as a newbie I can post URLS).

    Once you have your google account:

    • Open Address Book and open it's Preferences...
    • Select the "General" section.
    • Select the checkbox labeled "Synchronize with Google".

    I can create contacts on my Pre, and they show up on my Mac.

    P.S. I had an iPod touch at one point in time, which used to be needed to enable the google sync in the address book. I'm not sure if that is still needed (I don't think so).

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