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    Hey guys new here, thought I might put this to help a bit, Ive seem some answers but I think this is the most complete one.

    If you're anything like me you have well over a thousand contacts in gmail. Personally ive kept quite a few organized with phone numbers and categories (just under 200 contacts). When I imported as everyone the amount of garbage email contacts was quite overwhelming.

    So here we go
    1. Organize the contacts you use if you haven't already done so. Put the ones you want to keep in groups that will help you big time in cleaning up the mess.
    2. Export gmail contacts to excel ( use outlook CSV for easy working in excel)
    3. Sort them by groups (it was column CI for me)
    4. Delete all contacts that don't have a group (this will get rid of every single email only contact that you probably emailed once or twice in your life)
    5. import to gmail.
    6. Delete the google account from the palm
    7. Re-add google account to palm
    8. smile at the newly organized contact list

    Remember for this to work you have to have a decent organized list with people in groups.

    Hope that helps some and hope its not too redundant
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    Thanks man.
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    Yes, Thanks
    Just call me Berd.
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    did you delete all of your gmail contacts before re-importing them?

    also, this does sound like a good idea, I might give it a shot. thanks

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