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    I'm sorry if this has already been discussed, but I've searched a lot and can't find my answer. In my gmail account I have 82 in "My contacts" and 282 in "all contacts". When my pre synced up it pulled in 282 (when I click on my gmail account in the contact list is says "282")

    I heard that we could have it sync only "my contacts". How do I set this up? Thanks for any insight!
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    That's how it works at the moment. Apparently there is an API out there that was used on another device that allows My Contacts to sync, but that is not what Palm is using. Maybe in the future this will be an option. And yes, this has been discussed many times.
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    Really? So is there any workaround so that I don't have a contact list as long as every person I've ever emailed? Deleting contacts in the contact list moves pretty slowly....
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    The easiest thing to do is just use search to filter them out. Just a couple of key presses should do it.

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