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    Can someone please give me the dumbed down version of how to get my contacts onto my Pre? I had a Centro and have all my contacts in Palm desktop, but when I do the transfer, nothing happens. All I really care about are the contacts since I don't really want to manually enter them all. I also really don't want to have to open a google account or anything else. HELP!!!
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    plug in Pre as USB drive, then download and run this : Data Transfer Assistant (Windows)
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    make sure you have the most up to date version of Palm Desktop

    Palm actually has a helpful website on this subject
    Palm - Start here: Move your info to your webOS™ phone
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    I've tried that twice and it doesn't do anything
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    if all else fails you could always take the two devices to the Sprint corporate Store and ask them to assist you with the transfer of contacts.
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    I already gave the Centro to my niece and wiped everything off of it :S
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    When you open Palm Desktop do you see the contacts? Make sure the user in the upper right hand corner is correct?
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    It is right.... this is such a bummer. I LOVE the phone, but this is a PITA!
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    I never got my contacts to transfer using the DTA from my Palm Desktop. I ended up returning the phone this morning. Honestly, I 'm thinking it is a problem with DTA or the Palm Servers. My calendar sync was fine, but no contacts.
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    That's unfortunate Advocate... my DTA worked pretty darn well. No categories made the leap but overall a pretty good switch.
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    I don't have any plans of returning the phone, especially not just because of that. If worse comes to worse, I will just have to add them all in.
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    I had to get the contacts in my 755 into the Palm Desktop first as I had never synced before. (Couldn't get them to sync initially due to a couple of corrupted contacts, once I fixed that with dbfix they synced right over).

    The utility to bring them into the Pre was lickity split fast!
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    well I bit the bullet and just put them in myself. It took me about an hour I guess, but all i did was names and phone email, birthday, picture or ringer

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