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    Bump. Help!

    I lost all of my contacts. I did a WebOS Doctor reset and I made sure to check the last backup date of my Palm Profile and it was today. Now, my phone won't download the contacts (if it ever saved them).

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    hello ppl. i recently updated to 1.3.1 in the UK. Upon this my palm profile only managed to retrieve 3 contacts which was rather annoying. i have finally manually typed all my numbers back in and got my contacts to how i want them. i have used gmail to save the numbers. i have done the backup on the phone and contact sync. When i click on my palm profile account it still only says i have 3 contacts. the rest are through gmail. i have set palm profile as default account. i want to create a full back up using script, active perl sqlite3 etc but when i use the database.db3 file saved on my pre it only ever has 3 contacts. anyone know how i can get all my contacts saved to palm profile so i can get all contacts on the database.db3 file. any help would be much appreciated

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    You can access your Palm Profile by going to this website:
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    There is nothing on that profile. It's utterly useless to able to access it.
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    Can one back up to the Palm Profile, and to Gmail/Google? Anyway to do both, or does one have to pick one?

    Also, if one changes back and forth, if that is possible, would that mess up the sync accuracy?
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    I use Google now. I just got me Pre replaced. Everything came back like it was supposed to (contacts) thanks to Googles awesomeness.

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    I now have the evo, but i would like to get all my notes and stuff from my palm pre, but i no longer have it. i know it is stored on my palm profile online but how can i view it?
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    Ok so I bought my Palm Pre last July (2009) and thankfully here I am 6 YES SIX Pre's later and I am FREE of MY PRE! I encountered every problem imaginable and finally was able to convince Sprint that this was unacceptable considering I run my whole business and life from my phone.

    It took me calling Retention to finally get someone with authority to issue me a dollar for dollar credit for a new phone. I guess after being a customer for over 10 years and paying almost $500 a month for various lines etc, they decided to listen.

    Anyway here is my problem, since the oh so smart guys over at Palm thought it a good idea to not give you access to your palm contacts any other way than through the dam phone I am stuck starting from square one. Which means for me I have had to restore a database of over 3,000 contacts into my new phone, manually. I talk to sprint and they say I have ot have another Palm Pre to get access to my contacts and then I cna transfer them to my Gmail account. Problem is it takes up to one day to configure a new pre to do this (they say) and I don't have that kind of time.

    They originally tried their contact transfer machine but that bugged out at 1,000 contacts. (So on the bright side I have at least that many on my new phone.)

    I guess my question is if there is anyone that has a way around this. Is there a way to access the palm profile server outside of the Pre as a device. I am thinking maybe something like a Pre' Emulator?

    P.S. I am now on the HTC Hero running Android, and I am very satisfied... Wished I would have held out for the Evo though... LOL

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    short answer is no u can't. long answer there is a way of doing it. but you need pre or pixi for it
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    Quote Originally Posted by un_designer View Post
    i think he/she means this...

    use the email/password that you used to activate the phone originally to log in. there's not a whole lot there right now though which is kind of disappointing. i was hoping that it would be a place to go to, to see all the data that's associated with the phone/account.
    but what if the person never created a palm profile? They got the phone from someone else and that person forgot the password and username?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kathern_trinity View Post
    but what if the person never created a palm profile? They got the phone from someone else and that person forgot the password and username?
    Call up the "someone else" and have him remove the device from his Palm Profile. If that's not feasible, you should do a Full Erase and set up a new account after reboot.
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    ive been trying to make a palm profile but i just cant find out how ,i checked mostly every where can someone helpp!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by emily ayala View Post
    ive been trying to make a palm profile but i just cant find out how ,i checked mostly every where can someone helpp!!!
    If you've activated a Palm/HP phone and gone through all of the "first use" steps, you should have created a Palm profile.

    Just in case though, state your country, wireless carrier, and device name.

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    How to hard reset palm p121una
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