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    I have my pre setup. Before getting the pre I put my contacts in my gmail account. I synced with gmail and everybody I have ever emailed went to my pre contacts. I had 30 craigslist emails. Now that I weded out the junk is there a way to prevent people I just email from being brought into my contacts. So I just don't want it to sync contacts any more with gmail or facebook for that matter.

    I know that there is a manual sync and that is fine I just don't want it to autosync.

    Or is there a way in gmail to tell it to not add every email I type in to my address book.
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    Gmail has an option to make "my contacts", which would be the people that you actually want to communicate with, not every single person you have contacted. I was hoping for an option to sync only with "my contacts" thru gmail, but the pre does not allow us to do that.

    Hopefully in a future update this will happen.

    Until then just have to delete contacts on a weekly basis out of gmail, and it "should" remove them from your pre contacts.
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    according to the manual, you should be able to go into contacts and delete the google accounts from contact sync.

    go in contacts, hit menu, preferences and accounts, select google, tap remove account, tap remove contact account.

    you will still be able to sync, calendar and email with that google account.
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    If it's an Outlook/Exchange account and you do this, it will stop syncing the other databases as well. For example if you delete contacts in preferences, your calendar and mail will also stop syncing.

    This really stinks!

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