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    All this time i've been following the pre, i picked two up today after standing in line for 3 hours at best buy only to find out they had two when we got inside and we were #3 in line. Then the rep said 20 miles away at walmart they still had 3. We zipped down there and snagged 2.

    Anyway, I was under the impression that you could pretty much sync any phone with outlook. Is this correct that I cannot sync the pre with outlook? It says my only options are google, exchange and facebook. Do i need to find some way to switch my calendar and contacts to google from outlook? I like using outlook much more than i do google. Thanks for the help
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    Asked and answered (or at least still being answered)... search for "Personal Version of Outlook 07"
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    You can't sync Outlook appointments directly, but you can do it a round-about way. I'm using a free utility called Calgoo that runs on my home desktop PC and syncs my Outlook appointments to my Google Calendar. You can then access your Google Calendar on your Pre.

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