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    I have this same issue, sometimes it pushes my mail and sometimes it does not. No idea why.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kinar View Post
    I had this problem too...change your password on your gmail account.

    Not sure why but something in gmail's servers weren't authenticating me until I did...perhaps it is because my password hadn't been changed since before Gmail had IMAP support.
    Same problem. Same solution.
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    I just got off of the phone with Palm escalated tech support. The Gmail IMAP problem is a known issue, and they are actively working with Google to fix it. They suggested using POP until the fix is out.

    Mine works occasionally, but most of the time it won't.

    Fingers crossed.
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    no problems here from day 1. pushes instantly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperJason View Post
    How do I get the messages to not go to the trash? On my iPod, I set the delete location to "[Gmail]\All Mail" and that does the trick. On the Pre, doing the same thing causes them to stay in my inbox. I want the delete action on the pre to move them to the "All Mail" folder and make them not show up in my inbox.
    You do the same on the Pre. Change the delete folder to "Gmail/All Mail".
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    Does Gmail still push quickly when you have more than one account? I've read that IMAP IDLE only really works when you are accessing the account.
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