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    Hello all!

    Most of my iTunes library copied over just fine but I got an error message telling me that the Fairplay versions of 18 of my songs were not compatible with my Pre.

    I upgraded all of my iTunes music that iTunes offered to upgrade when everything turned into iTunes Plus. I don't even have an option in the store to upgrade my songs anymore.

    Any ideas? Besides skipping iTunes of course...

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    Apparently there are still 18 songs in your library that still have DRM on them. Apple didn't upgrade EVERY song in their catalog to iTunes+ You were only able to upgrade the songs you bought that they DID upgrade in their catalog.
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    I'm having the same issue. Is there anything I can do? Or am I just SOL for those songs because I have about 90 songs that have this error.
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    The Palm Pre does not support DRM'd(fairplay) iTunes songs.
    Perhaps there is a market for an app that plays the FairPlay tracks?
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    there are some apps out there I think one is called Hymm something or other and also an app called double twist among others. Search the web for "app to strip itunes encryption" or something similar and you should find what you are looking for to remove the drm from the remaining files.
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    Protected Music Converter from Aimersoft (Protected Music Converter - AAC to MP3 Converter, Convert AAC to MP3, Remove DRM from Music) will do it for about 20 bucks. But I'm sure there are other applications also.

    Worst can burn the 18 songs to CDs and rip them as mp3 won't lose your music.

    just a bit of an inconvenience...

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