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    anyone else having a problem syncing pics with iTunes? It shows that all of my pics and music are loaded onto the Pre and music plays fine, but my pictures are not showing up on the Pre. I've tried a power cycle and they still don't show up. Plug the Pre back into computer, iTunes shows all pictures loaded onto the device. Any ideas?
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    I'm having the same issue.
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    me too
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    Drag and drop.
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    Here isd what I think is happening. When iTunes syncs pictures to any device., it first "converts" them, then moves them over. The converted format is not compatible with the PRE. However, if you check the box that says something like 'Move full size picture' then it works fine, but also chews up a ton more space.

    I have tested this theory a couple times.

    Finally what I did was use PMB from Sony and converted all of my pictures (at one time) from 8MP size down to 640x480 and moved them over to the Pre.

    Just my thoughts.
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    has this been figured out? I don't know which option i changed but the second time i synced pictures it showed up.

    but all the pictures are in the same folder, Media Sync folder. This is really annoying. The reason I want to sync instead of drag n' drop is because I can just add pics to the folder on computer and not both. Windows media player syncs photos in their respective folders. But if there is away to do on itunes, it would be nice since i use to sync my music/playlists (old itunes version.)
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    How do you removed music from your PRE if it was syched by iTunes? I've deleted everything from iTunes, then went to synch my PRE and nothing. I am out of memory and need to get this music off. Any help would be great. I've tried Double Twist. I am trying to download an older version of iTunes, but I keep getting the "files library cannot open since it was created with a new version of iTunes" crap.
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    I need some help!! I had downloaded some music and then did not want it on my pre. I found the music files and deleted them but now I still have the song names and album art still showing on my pre. Does anyone know how I can get these deleted? I downloaded new music and that plays fine but I still have these songs showing up. They do not play it just skips over them, but I would like to get them deleted so they do not show up at all. Any help would be appreciated!!

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