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    yeah no app but it loads up great in the browser. I dont think I can see when people comment on my status though... well that or none of my friends has something to say about "I love my new Pre!"
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    Notice the site you are going to is - I also went to and it's sooooo small!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grim View Post
    Was that way with the Palm OS version of the FB app as well.
    Hmm. I always used since the app wouldn't work on my Treo 650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by northy014 View Post
    Facebook was partnered up with Palm way back at CES - it's ridiculous if they don't have an app ready by now!
    there a winmob app for faceb written by MS. Oh yeah they own a small piece of facebook so we'll see when we get that app
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    Looks like a a standard FB in here... I have also seen a video of a native app working that had ALOT of options... Maybe they are putting in the finishing touches..?
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    Yeah hopefully an app will come, but the facebook page it uses defintley one of the best and it is super fast!!!
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