Hi Folks,

With all of these knowledgeable folks in the forum, I'm hoping someone would like to trade knowledge & experience for some cold hard cash.

I'm upgrading from a Treo 700p sync'd to Outlook 2007 pst file, client side only (USB sync through standard Hotsync) to a Pre.

I'd like to hire a consultant to help me move to a Personal hosted exchange server -- one account. I'll need help with setting up the hosting, getting my personal pst file data on the server, determining how much of the 10 years of e-mail history archived to transfer, getting the Pre set up, all PIM data transferred to Pre, etc.

I'm happy to pay a per hour or per project fee via PayPal or otherwise.

I'm looking forward to using my Pre, but I prefer to let the pros handle the details of the transfer -- I don't need to learn this side of the technology!

Send inquiries to His4ever2 "at" yahoo.com (Please, serious inquiries only! I'm trying to help someone earn some extra cash doing what's easy for them, not set up a spam magnet!).