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    Hey guys, I'm not very good with the whole outlook/push email experience, so I have a couple questions for you guys out there.

    I go to university where our email is through Outlook WebAccess. I used to have an HTC Touch and I was able to get my outlook email pushed to the phone instantly. Will the Pre be able to handle this? I know I read that Outlook is supported, but I don't know if there are there specific tech specifications I should be looking for that might not be available for the Pre?

    I wasn't worried until a couple of my classmates started emailing our school's tech support if they could get blackberries and get their outlook email on their phone, and this was their response:

    From our school tech support "I have had some questions regarding Blackberrys. The existing issue is that in order for a Blackberry to tie into the email system it must go through “enterprise activation” which has a $10/month fee associated with it in addition to the charge for the data plan. This fee is generally paid for by departments with budget numbers, and at this time there is no way for individuals to pay this fee directly. Because of this, Blackberrys are not currently recommended"

    Can anyone help me make sense of this email? Having instant push email on my phone is a must. Thanks!
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    BUMP. Anyone know please?
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    Yes you can. Just use the IP addy of the OWA server and use your login details and it should be ready to push .
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