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    day 0 i exported a csv and uploaded it to my gmail account, synced with phone. It was a pretty painless process although it astounds me that there wasn't outlook to pre support at launch.

    there was 1 hiccup in my process regarding a couple of contacts.

    There was a person A and a person B

    for some reason all of person A's contact info was profile linked to person B, meaning i couldn't see person A in my contact list

    The contacts had absolutely nothing in common...fixed the problem manually and all has been kosher since
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    Quote Originally Posted by frankos72 View Post
    Synced mine in with the 14 day free trial of Companion Link just to get them into my phone only to read later that Palm had a one way one time sync program for this. (The girl at the sprint store couldn't get the data out of my centro)

    Anyway, now I have pocketmirror and I've started deleting my Google contacts. The PRE is the only reason I even signed up for Facebook or Google and I'm quickly migrating away from both.
    If you remove your Google account it should remove ALL of the Google contacts, saving you time from doing them one by one!
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    Migrating from Treo 650 to Palm Pre, Sprint took both PDAs into the back room and did their magic with a "one time migration". The result was horrible. The computer they used had a clock off by 5 hours so I have alarms going off at all hours of the night. (You won't have that issue if it is done correctly.)
    Many contacts, notes and phone numbers are listed three times and I do not see a way to "delete" a contact in google. They offer to "merge" them which takes forever because they show over 4000 contacts in my file. Each "save" takes about 30 seconds.
    So if I leave the duplicates on the Pre, every time I go to add a note, I have to scroll forever to get it to stop at the end of one of the notes. This is a serious waste of time for someone who relies on the contact notes for sales productivity.
    HELP! This feels like the bleeding edge of the technology revolution saving data to the "cloud".
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    fun, ain't it?

    What I did was make the migration to Outlook by hotsyncing my palm to Outlook changing the conduit over from PD. Gave up on the kicking and screaming. With that migration I ended up moving all the info from the user fields to the notes section. At this point I've just given up hope on retaining things like I had them with Palm OS. I figure the more universally accepted the format of my PIM info, the easier it is to migrate from device to device. And then any migration from Outlook to a cloud PIM should be relatively easy.

    In your case I would've skipped the phone to phone transfer and done the above then synced Outlook to Google. Then have google sync to the Pre. Initially it'd be a pain, but it would probably make for a smoother transition in the long run. And you could always sync google to outlook once in awhile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dianagr View Post
    I think someone said Companion link will sync Outlook to Pre via WiFi, but both devices have to be on the same WiFi Network (my apologies if I used the wrong term).

    I am in the same boat as you are, but I see that virtually every smartphone (except PalmOS of course) already syncs calendar, contacts, tasks, etc with Google ota so it seems that whatever happens in phone world, Google is a smart place to be. So I am migrating my info there.

    I made csvs from my exported Outlook contacts (it takes a bit of cleaning-up though) and then I imported them into Google Contacts. It's a little glitchy in that Google contacts sometimes doesn't recognize the fields, but it seems to be OK now. I am going to update and add contacts into Google only.

    I also stopped using Outlook tasks and started using Google tasks which I can get on my Treo through Google Mobile.

    The calendar is tougher, but I sync my Outlook calendar to Google (and then Outlook to my Treo). That way it doesn't matter where I make the change, it syncs computer to Google, leaving only the phone sync which I do before leaving work each day. I can get the Google calendar on the Treo through Google Mobile, but I might die of old age waiting for it to load....

    Bottom line, I was resistant, but now that I have done it, I see a huge value. Good luck.
    Many folks have imported outlook contacts into google, only to have the outlook email addresses show up in google notes, and not the google email address field. Has anyone who has had this problem found a fix?
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    I exported my contacts from Palm Desktop (had a Centro before), edited the CSV file in excel (added headers, rearranged, deleted columns and cleaned up), then imported directly to Gmail. Worked like a charm.
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    After I tried different ways, which worked more and less, but never good, I exported all contacts from the Mac Adress Book as one vcf file and imported that in Google contacts. This way even the categories survived
    Previously I used Missing Sync to sync Palm and Mac.

    The bad thing: The Adress book has an integrated sync feature for Google, which I wanted to use to keep the Adressbook in sync with my Pre - but it completely messed up the adesses and some names, because Google puts everything in one big field, and the sync logic fails when it guesses the correct fields for the adress entries (or last name/first name if there is only one). That's a big mess with Google.
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    Question...all my contacts are from facebook. All my friends are on facebook. However if a friend deletes their contact info from facebook then the "cloud" will remove it from my phone too. I am not able to get these facebook contacts into gmail. Does it work for anyone out there?
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