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    If yes, is it pretty easy to set up? A novice here, so thanks.
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    Nope. Just an email address. See here.
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    thanks. thought I saw something in a post that said I needed one to set up the Palm profile.
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    IMO - go ahead and set one up right now just in case -

    very easy.
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    I think people were setting it up to start transfering contacts to gmail.
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    Gmail is very easy to sign up for but you don't actually need a gmail email to use the pre.
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    Gmail is not my current primary email but i will use it for my Pre Profile sign up because the Pre is so tied in with Google services i want to keep it all consistent from the get-go. AND it looks like the Pre will support PUSH IMAP Gmail so i'm most probably switching to Gmail as primary anyway.
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    I finally got a gMail account last night in anticipation of getting the pre!
    I'm not sure if I will set it up as the conduit for all of my email accounts. I guess that with PUSH, it may lend to the possibility.

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    Had a gmail account before it was a public beta, just had to clean it up and import contacts, sync calender/contacts with outlook, now im ready to go!
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    I love Googles applications. I have been using Gmail since it was invite only. I have about 8 accounts but they all forward to one primary one

    I also created a cool Pre related Gmail account that I will use just for Pre related email. ii

    Gmail really is the best Email out there. We convert people at work to it if we can. It integrates nicely and once you pimp it out with the labs tools, you can see all your information etc... in one place.
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    super easy

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