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    The Facebook API restricts access to email addresses and phone #'s. Take a look at Outsync (syncs FB users with Outlook contacts). In the video on the website for this app, the author states that FB doesn't allow access to those fields from outside Facebook, so he can only sync photos.

    OutSync - Home

    Sync your Facebook contacts with Outlook (and Windows Mobile) | Laura Foy | Channel 10
    Have you EVER heard of synergy?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nojok3 View Post
    Have you EVER heard of synergy?

    I was merely pointing out that Facebook may not allow access to certain individual user data.
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    I think the palm-facebook relationship is good for both sides but has a ton of potential for facebook, and if they don't use it the right way it'll hurt.

    I'm 2 years out of college and using facebook less and less. If it becomes standard to sync with your phone it could keep more users who might look into other options.
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