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    If anyone still needs dropbox with more then 2Gb of space, use this link and you will get 2.25Gb.

    Dropbox Referral

    Also, after you have made your account don't forget to recommend dropbox to anyone who might need it that you know as this will also increase your dropbox by 250Mb for all that sign up.
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    We do have a thread already on this, thanks for bringing it up again, it's important to vote at votebox:
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    New to the site. Here's my link
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    If anyone else needs Dropbox space....
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    Quote Originally Posted by jon96321 View Post
    If anyone else needs Dropbox space....
    Done! my turn?

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    dropped my spideroak link in here a while ago, here's my dropbox:

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    I tried Dropbox and although it looked good, and I like the concept, unfortunately it used enough bandwidth all the time at work that the IT lady got a flag and called me on it for excessive internet usage at work.

    I had to un-install it from my laptop that I take to work and bring home.
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    I'm wondering, what's the difference between Dropbox and SkyDrive? SkyDrive gives you 25GB of free storage Windows Live SkyDrive
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    Here's the link if anyone is still signing up:

    Quote Originally Posted by lxAMNxl View Post
    I'm wondering, what's the difference between Dropbox and SkyDrive? SkyDrive gives you 25GB of free storage Windows Live SkyDrive
    I believe the difference has to do with integration and the age of those services. Skydrive only recently started becoming more able to integrate into platforms where Dropbox started out with that as the goal.
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    I signed up with an .edu account which gives 500mb per referral instead of 250mb.
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    I'm not sure what got into me, but I almost abandoned dropbox while trying out some other services. I was looking for more space and file location options. I tried SugarSync for several weeks - which had the features I was looking for, but couldn't get it to work reliably on my computers. To their credit, tech support was very responsive in trying to fix my issue, but I let it go when my free trial was about to expire.

    Now I'm back with dropbox and wondering why I considered leaving. With selective sync and additional sync folder options coming very soon it really can't be beat. I'll probably have to get a paid subscription before long, but in the mean time here's my referral link for anyone looking to give it a spin:
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    Just another Dropbox referral for a bit of extra space:
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    Here's mine

    Also you can try SugarSync (5 Gb free + 500 Mb using this link):
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