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    Syncing with iTunes with any phone, No problem says BGR


    by Sharon Copeland

    Apparently syncing with iTunes is easy with any phone. Its not an Pre issue, but Apple made it an issue. Apple and its fan boys are trying to take a bite out of the Pre launch only days away. Boy Genius reported on twitter how this would take place only a few moments ago. And here's how he put it:

    "Without getting too into the particulars, both of these awesome free applications allow you to sync iTunes with any device capable of connecting as a drive. Smartphones, dumb phones, flash drives or even digital cameras if you’re so inclined — if it has a mass storage mode, you can sync it. Several OEM options are a bit cleaner in terms of appearance and dedicated functionality but none are as universal the aforementioned apps. Since we go through phones like they’re candy, we can’t be bothered with 10 different OEM sync solutions. Even if you only get a new phone every year though, why bother with learning new sync software if you change brands? So, if you’ve been looking for a way to sync your phone with iTunes quickly, easily and even automatically".

    So there you have it it is not a syncing issue it is a mainly a Pre is so great it will steal our customers issue. I don't care how good the iphone is, for me its having something original that no one has and that works with my life and with my songs on iTunes. Thanks BGR

    But, every phone can sync with iTunes… : Boy Genius Report
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    Has to sync out of the box for the average customer or its too much work.

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