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    Inexcusable to not be included:
    Video recording
    Alarm clock
    Saving files from web pages
    Copy to paste from ANYWHERE
    Download files, instead of stream only

    I agree that I would like to see just about everything else listed, but the ones above are BIG deals I think, and really should have been thought out prior to release. I know Palm really wanted flash, and said early on that it would have to be added later. That's fine and all, but the rest are inexcusable I think. I would definitely hope Universal Search gets extended in the next release, but I can see why/how that got limited in the first release.
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    I want to see the ability to ignore a call and immediately launch a reply SMS, a la my Treo 755p. It would be even cooler if I could set it up so it would do that simply by sliding open the keyboard when there's an incoming call...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonathan likes the pre View Post
    You can search iPhone's calender?
    Stop being a fanboy. iPhone OS 3.0, which should come out only a small bit later than the Pre, will have truly universal search. What exactly is universal about contacts+programs+4 internet portals? Nothing. iPhone's spotlight will search inside memos, contacts, calendar, email (and continue the search on the server), programs, and all your music's metadata.

    Quote Originally Posted by STEVESKI07 View Post
    Copy & Paste
    It's getting copy & paste and full MMS. Is the Pre full MMS? No multi-tasking I'm afraid. There IS a trade off between multi-tasking and battery life and Apple made its choice. Some won't agree with it, some will.

    I've read your posts throughout this forum and you seem to be no better than the Apple fanboys and enthusiasts you constantly belittle.
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