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    I don't currently use Google Calendar or Contacts. I do use MS Exchange/Outlook at work but with a PC, not with a mobile device (no ActiveSync). I keep all my PIM data on my Treo (what a concept!), synced to PCs the traditional way.

    When the Pre hits I'm happy to try either Google or Exchange or both as my cloud solution for my personal (not work) data. My question is, what are the pros and cons of either?

    Google is free, so that's a plus. My web hosting service offers Exchange hosting for a fee. I suppose if I tried hard enough I could find free or nearly free Exchange hosting.

    I don't currently use Gmail or Exchange for my personal email address and that's unlikely to change, so there's no clear advantage either way there.

    Are there any major features that give one an advantage over the other? Any fatal gotchas?
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    EAS will give you true push email and the PIM data fields will be perfectly in sync with your Outlook data fields format.
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    I tried google... I could not get past their "variety" of imap to even try their "variety" of exchange.

    I now have an exchange account (actually two: one personal and one business) and love it... everything wants to be an "Exchange" account for a reason: exchange rocks.

    I use #1 Microsoft Hosted Exchange & Sharepoint Web Hosting | SherWeb . They have been solid for over 7 or 8 months....

    Sure there are plenty of people using google who will provide their own spin on it... all good... most love gmail and the free services google provide... that is all good...
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    I guess a pro for exchange is I feel like it might give you more control compared to google. (Definitely do this if Google holding your private information scares you)

    But, it's hard to beat the free price tag of Google.
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    i would suggest nothing less then penandpaper. yep i have been using it for years.

    then again i am a cheap hillbilly and i like things that are free.
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    I'm interested in replies to this as well, especially from the aspect of someone wanting to use this for personal use with only a couple mailboxes. Google apps for domain is free which I currently use, but if paying a little bit for exchange hosting offers a better alternative I'd consider it.
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    If money were no object I'd opt for Exchange. I have my own domain and access e-mail via POP3. Yes, I know Gmail can access it via IMAP, but I'm not really a fan of Gmail.

    On average I've been seeing personal Exchange accounts around $9.99 a month. I'm going to wait until launch though, as I have a sneaking suspicion that Palm is going to have some announcement related to syncing.
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    We used to host our own Exchange. About 18 months ago I converted us to a fantastic hosted exchange service (themessagecenter). They are 9.99/mo for each account. They are an awesome provider, and the push from activesync is incredible.

    I have an 800w which does not have the best battery. Instead of constantly polling (like a gmail account does), it only turns on after exchange sends the phone a message telling it to "come an' git it". It really makes a difference in battery life. As an added plus, most times my phone actually gets the email faster than my desktop or laptop that is connected to the server does. I also keep my contacts, tasks and calendar synced this way too.
    When I do a hard reset, my stuff is all wirelessly synced right after I send my credentials to the Exchange server.

    Fortunately I have not had to do this yet, but Exchange also has a provision to send a remote wipe command to the phone if it's lost. Unfortunately, I don't think themessagecenter has that function turned on.

    I also have a gmail account, but have not even considered using it on my phone for the aforementioned items since the feature set for EAS is so much greater and more robust.
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    I second Exchange with Sherweb. I love free but I gladly give them about $100 a year for a great product and great service. Does Google sync tasks as well as email and calendar and contacts?

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