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    take a picture, and under the picture options is "upload" and if you already have an activated FB account it's listed there. hit that and it uploads.
    failed the first time I tried to upload, but succeeded the second time.
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    I'm trying to use the mobile facebook app from facebook, where it says to send an MMS to mobile at, but only one of four pics made it onto facebook. Any have any better luck?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    I've read and watched about all I can find since February but I've never heard if this is possible. Anyone know?
    my Centro gives me the option to "Upload To Facebook".
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    Its on the Pre as well. Pictures, tap the menu on the top left and select upload and face book as well as photobucket is an option.
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    Yes you can. Right from the photo viewer. Touch the "menu" in the top left hand side, when you sign in thru the facebook app, it will appear below the upload option. Kinda cool cause you can upload several pictures at a time, although it only takes a second or so...
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    Don't I feel sheep'ish I never knew you could do all that with Facebook mobile. Here I have been waiting for the Facebook Pre app and all the while I can get and see most of what I want just via txt.

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