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    With the recent release of the Pre Business Launch Guide, on top of a number of other threads on a litany of other message boards, adding to the whirlwind and sandstorm that were the Keynote Announcement and Release Date Announcement - Did I miss the discussion on using 3rd party email with the darn thing?

    [/me pulls hair out]

    I'm a mobileME user, and I could care less about using MobileME exclusively with the Pre, e.g. bookmarks, contacts, calendar. You get the idea

    I just want my email on the thing, is IMAP, and supports IDLE.

    I loathe gmail, I'll change my phone number before I'll change my email address, truth be told, I've been a MobileMe user since it was originally .Mac. On top of this, I'm not currently an iPhone user (and certainly not a fanboy...ewwwww). And forwarding email from mobileME to gmail, and altering a reply-to address isn't the answer either. Things just get out of sync.

    I searched and queried, pilfered and pulled, and couldn't find a straight answer. A LONG time ago, I believe I asked the same question, however it seemed to early in the general announcement for someone to know anything.

    Isn't anyone generally curious if their email server will work with the Pre? Or are all of you Yahoo, MSN, AOL, gmail users? (the ones that seem to be supported by sprint mobile email)...

    (Sorry if this comes across bitter, actually it's meant to be quite sarcastic, cynical, and comical)

    Edit 2: I'd like to add: I have my own business, well 2 actually, and the email I receive on those domains is also IMAP, and supports IDLE. It's not exchange however, or activesync, etc. I'm not a windows user :-) (That one, I won't look back on, hehe)
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    My reading of the literature is that the Pre email client will support IMPA4 & Pop3 for any service. I also think that the Palm rep said that in one of the videos as well.

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