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    Will this work for synchronize files from PC to Pre?
    CDMA - Sync software like ActiveSync but one that works. - Page 2 - PPCGeeks

    Unfortunately it's only for windows PC only.
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    It might... I've used synctoy for years... here and there...

    I'd hope that palm has a sync app included... but it you wanted to sync certain folders, then synctoy might be a good alternative.

    If the pre comes up with the same properties each time (ie f: or e: ), then you should be able to setup folders to sync without issue. You do not have to load sync toy on the device.... I've used it to sync thumb drive folders. With the new free version, you can use multiple computers, without much issue.

    I was looking at Live Mesh this morning... to sync my folders... I use it on my windows mobile phones... not tried on my BB yet. Was playing with a G1 all day yesterday (G1 is okay)... should have tried it on that as well. Oh, well..

    On my windows phones, mesh is simply great. Maybe one of the great "sleeper" programs out right now. Of course, I read that we can setup folders via the web with mesh... my bb browser sucks... I need to mess with it.

    The pre should have a nice browser, so it should be okay, even if it can't load mesh natively.
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