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    Forgive me if this belongs elsewhere in the forum. I have read...and read...and read about syncing, the cloud, Palm Desktop, etc. I am a third generation Palm User (Treo 90, Treo 650, Centro) and I have always used the Palm Desktop for everything BUT my Outlook email for work.

    Why? Because I do not care to have personal appointments syncing to my company's Outlook Exchange server.

    That being said, (and sorry if this is a dumb question), since the Pre will most likely not have any type of Palm Desktop software, what would you all suggest as the best solution for me? I am happy to sync my email with my corporation's Outlook Exchange server, and would certainly like to sync my WORK appointments as well, but I want my PERSONAL appointments to be synced elsewhere.

    Thanks, be easy on me.
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    Google calendar is your friend.
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    Thanks. What about for memos - I have TONS of them...most of which are personal, so I always backed them up to the Palm Desktop too. Any ideas for those???
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    Quote Originally Posted by furreverdad View Post
    Thanks. What about for memos - I have TONS of them...most of which are personal, so I always backed them up to the Palm Desktop too. Any ideas for those???
    That's an open question for me, as well. How _will_ the Pre handle notes? I understand that they'll be backed up as part of the Palm backup service, but will they sync anywhere?
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    This may be a stupid question, but what is the differnce between "backing up" and "syncing"? I'm primarily interested is having my data saved in case my device breaks or is lost--I don't necessarily need to access it from another program. Will backing up provide that security? Will I be able to restore from the backups to the device?
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    "Syncing" typically means that the data resides on a server/PC elsewhere and you are insuring that your personal data on the PC, phone and/or internet are all synchronized across all devices. "Back up" typically means that a snapshot of the entire device is stored in another location in case of failure. Back ups are typically more encompassing (like copying all PIM and system data instead of just email, contacts, calenders, tasks and photos). I sync with an Exchange server and thus have all of my Outlook on my PC and phone and it is also available from a web browser. But I use Sprite Backup software to back up my phone weekly in case of failure or a problem, I can reload my last known good image to get my phone running again.
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    Syncing keeps multiple copies of the data files on every device that you intend to access it on. Then when the devices are "synced" the most recently updated copy of the file is copied to all relevant devices. The problem with this is that if you update the file say on your phone, then update on your computer before syncing, you will loose the changes you made on your phone.

    The alternative is the client/server structure where the authoritative copy of the data is always on the server, and changes made to cached copies of the data are submitted immediately or as soon as possible, and data is only cached if it cannot be accessed live.
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    The notes question is a good one. I also was wondering about a ToDo or Tasks app.

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