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    I know that the Pre will be connecting to Exchange and Google (I believe, both through Activesync, which Google licensed from Microsoft). I can't remember, though, seeing specifically what other online calendars, e.g., Yahoo! Calendar, that the Pre will work with.

    Anyone seen anything? I'm starting to plan for the transition to the Pre, i.e., migrating from Outlook for email, tasks, calendar, etc. to the cloud. I'm liking the idea of getting away from Outlook's kludgy file structure and difficulty in using on more than one system, but want to check out the various cloud options before committing...
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    Nothing announced yet other than those two. I'd bet that Yahoo will be announced eventually too, but who knows.
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    they announced facebook events would be synced to your calendar
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    I'd like to see some sort of webDAV calendar support. That way you could run your own without having to use Activesync.
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    Any chance of Sprint bringing back their business suite, and including an online calendar? Palm has put all their eggs in one basket by going exclusively with Sprint, so some support like that from Sprint would be nice.
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    I second photomatic! I have several calendars that I'm running on a webdav server, and would rather not have to move them to google calendars. Mostly because some of the calendars are collaborations with other users.

    Does anyone know if there's WebDav or Caldav functionality on the WebOS roadmap?

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