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    I was wondering how the Gmail would work on the palm pre in terms of how, and how often it checks for new message (iphone gmail is every 5 when open, every 20 min in the background). I read a comment before on this site where guys showing off the pre thought gmail was push already when asked about it... This got me thinking that gmail on the pre will essentially be push, you think this is true? seems easy enough since gmail is IMAP idle (which is push email) enabled, the client just has to be able to handle it. and i know gmail imap idle works because it works on my mozilla thunderbird. So do we think the palm pre is imap idle enabled to provide push gmail?
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    It has been confirmed as push.

    Please try and search first.
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    my bad. i had read that it was probably push, i was just trying to ascertain via what method they would do it because i couldn't find that
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