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    I see you can sync with Outlook, but I noticed the footnote on that says you can sync your Pre with Outlook, but it requires Microsoft Exchange Server.

    Seeing that program cost over $1,000 it is ok for business users, but can someone without Exchange Server sync their calendars as I do on the Centro? I don't even mind a wired sync if possible.
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    Technologic 2 - Let me be the first to welcome you to Treocentral. You'll find there are alot of freindly people around here. However, even our most freindly people have one request:

    Before you post a question, seach the threads to see if the quesiton has been posted before.

    I think you'll find your questions has been discussed many, many times. here is a thread i had started which may help you: Request: Palm Rep Demo How Pre Sync's (Cloud, w/o PC).

    BTW - Quick answer to your quesitons. YES - You can sync w/ spending all that money. There are a few ways, but there is also a consumer version of exchange. It's subscription based.
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