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    I know there has been some discussion.
    I've brought it up in a few threads.
    And yes, I know there is 3rd party apps.

    But I haven't seen a Thread specific to;

    Why hasn't google developed something called something like
    'Google Desktop' ?

    I have OWA - it syncs with Treo & PC (Outlook on Treo and Outlook on PC)

    Meaning, I don't have to be online to see all my Mail, Contacts,
    and Appointments.

    So now with the Pre it will be Cached to the device so all info is available offline.

    It would be nice to have that same ability with our PC.

    The app called 'Google Desktop' resides on our computer and has all our info there, even when offline.
    It syncs itself every time it has a data connection - just like the Pre.

    I would sure like to dump Outlook for Google.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Look up "Google Gears". It allows Google Apps to work offline. The only app that uses it at the moment is google reader, but the other apps should follow.

    Also, HTML 5 has an offline mode. Maybe the next upgrade will include this instead of google gears.
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