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    I figured I would share my experience and maybe it will help someone.

    I have used Palm devices for a while now, have always hotsynced locally with Outlook, and have never before used a "cloud" based PIM service. After reviewing some of the discussions regarding cloud options I decided to set up a hosted exchange account with sherweb.

    The set-up was relatively easy - I only had to call customer service once because they had a setting incorrect on their end that was preventing emails from going through. I set up my main email to forward to my new Sherweb account and set up an email alias so that all outgoing email shows as coming from my main email even though it comes from Sherweb.

    The only "hard" thing was that I have years of information in an Outlook PST file that is over 10GB so I had to do some organization in Outlook to make sure I still had my old info accessible locally but not exceed the 3GB limit on the exchange server.

    I have been using my new setup on my Centro for several weeks now and here are my observations:


    My Calendar and Contacts are set to sync every hour regardless of where I am to save battery, but could be set for constant sync, so I am always up to date;
    If the Centro would sync Tasks with the Exchange server I wouldn't have to hotsync at all (I use NVBackup);
    I have access to all my information via the web-based interface (OWA) that acts very similarly to Outlook;
    Everything I do on my Centro, in Outlook, or through the web-based interface is synced;
    It is another form of backup, at least for up to 3GB of information;
    Hosted exchange will work with WindowsMobile, Palm Garnet, Palm Pre, IPhone, and Blackberry (making Blackberry work costs extra monthly) so If I don't like the Pre I have many other options to easily transition to;
    I received a free copy of Outlook 2007 which most hosted exchange services offer when you sign up (I wanted to upgrade anyway so this offset the monthly cost for the first year);
    I will have "Push" email if I want it regardless of the platform I go with;
    The exchange server is capable of syncing Email, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks, depending on the mobile platform, which seems much more comprehensive than the other options (Google, Windows Live, Facebook, Plaxo, etc.)


    I still have to hotsync for Tasks;
    It costs about $9.00 a month;
    Contact pictures sync from Outlook to the exchange server but not back to the Centro and not from the Centro to the exchange server, so if I want my Centro contacts to have pictures I have to add them back manually (which I have done);
    All my calendar entries on my Centro are appended with a note in parenthesis telling me what time my appointment would be in the Eastern timezone - the actual appointment times are all still correct, but I am not in the Eastern timezone and already know there is an hour difference between the two timezones (Sherweb's servers are in the Eastern timezone);
    I had to sign up for a new domain with the Sherweb service, or transfer one, so that increased the initial cost, plus now I have to remember to renew another domain (I didn't already have one I could transfer over to Sherweb).

    Overall the Pros definitely outweigh the Cons, in my opinion. Whether I get, and stay with, the Pre, or end up going with something else, I will be keeping the hosted exchange service because I don't see how the other services would meet my needs and $108 a year isn't all that much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NachoB View Post
    Of the 29 friends I currently have on Facebook, there are only maybe 4 or 5 I would want in my contacts.
    Agreed, I can't have an all or nothing approach. Given the choice, it will be nothing.

    Quote Originally Posted by NachoB View Post
    Of those 4 or 5 none have provided their phone number(s) or address(es) in their profiles.
    Same here, but only ONE person provided contact info. No good.

    Quote Originally Posted by NachoB View Post
    I would rather be in control of the picture and have a static one.
    That's my biggest concern with grabbing from various cloud sources. I may have different info at different locations - and that may be how I CHOOSE to have each location configured. I don't see yet how the Pre will handle all of the variations out there. I'll most likely let my Calendar synch with Google as it does now, but that's it. I think I want to control the rest locally on my own.

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    I don't know if it's the best, but I use
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