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    This is a thread to list patches that can be added manually (at the moment) to the Preware patch portal.

    Background: The patch portal used php code and was hacked. webOS-Patches Web Portal hacked | pivotCE It may be possible to update and replace that code, but for now manual updates should be possible.

    To discuss patch portal fixes, go here: Is the webosinternals patch portal down? - webOS Nation Forums

    This thread is for listing available patches that can be added. As the discussion thread was started on the 20th of December 2013, we can date the loss of the patch portal from there. We can assume any patches posted to this forum since that date are not in Preware and can be considered eligible to be added to the update list. While some patches may be unsuitable to be added, by default we should probably assume that all patches can be included. Check if the patch is listed here already. If not, post it! If anyone posts a new patch, then after making your discussion thread and posting it, post a link here.

    I guess the format should be: Name, purpose (if not obvious from the name), category (see the listings in Preware) and a link to the post containing the patch. I'll try to post an alphabetical list of what's been posted near each deadline date to make checking easier.

    As this forum is not busy, few patches are posted now, but there is a 5 year+ backlog. Ultimately, the plan is to add patches on a quarterly basis, but we are starting with monthly deadlines.

    Deadline 1: July 31
    Dealine 2: August 31st
    Deadline 3: September 30th
    After that, every quarter (end of every 3rd month).
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    Patches successfully added to Preware will be listed here. Next deadline: 31st July.
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    These are patches listed as part of the service pack thread.
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