Thanks for this patch. I saw the tweet from PivotCE about it and I have installed it on my Pre3 and it works, apart from the Bird's Eye view as you said.
I've found that when I turn the GPS on, and then load the Bing Maps app in Bird's Eye view mode, I get the view of my home area for a second before it shows the white screen with the no camera icons and with the blue circle for my location in the centre of the screen.
When I try to zoom out, I do get a map with the scale of 1 mile measuring 0.3 inch. it will zoom larger upto 2500 feet but it is unreliable and will quickly revert to the white screen if you try to move the map.
You can also zoom out to view the whole country, if desired!
Anyway it is good to see apps brought back to life on our WebOS.