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    Recently had an update done on the (factory) build-in bluetooth car-kit. Until the update my (daily driver) Veer connected without problems and transferred all contacts, but a soon a call came in or was made by me every time the BT connection dropped.

    Now the Veer connects an is able to make and receive calls. However, when reconnected after the car was switched off and the BT connection was gone, the above problems return. Only when I manually switch the BT on the Veer off and on (or reconnect by tapping on the car in the BT menu) everything works again. Apparently something goes wrong with the 'goodbye handshake' if the connection is ended by the car, if ended by the Veer everything goes well and reconnects correctly.

    It would be great if a patch or other fix could be written. What could I do to find the exact problem? Use lumberjack? If so, what do I have to do to filter only bluetooth messages in Lumberjack to help out? Other info which I could provide?

    By the way, my iPhone (provided by my employer, arrgghhh) disconnects and connects correctly so nothing wrong with the carkit of the car.
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    I have a similar issue on my Pre3 when connected to a portable Bluetooth speaker.

    My workaround is to manually turn OFF Bluetooth on my Pre3 whenever I get out of range of my portable speaker and then manually turn it back ON again when within range again.

    I do the same thing with Bluetooth car radio units.

    This workaround has been working well for me and is not that inconvenient given that turning Bluetooth ON/OFF is just a swipe in the upper right corner away. Hopefully this saves me a little battery energy too.
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    I wonder what is the deal with Bluetooth on webOS.

    I believe Bluetooth is supposed to backwards compatible, but I have a device which is one of a kind and was really hard to find. Unfortunately it will not stream audio when connected to webOS, only phone calls. While it works fine with every other phone I have tried. Real bummer

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