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    Adds the to or from address to the popup menu you see when you tap a message in the messaging chat view for webOS 2.x. It has been tested against Google Talk, SMS, and MMS messages. For group messages, displays only the first number. It calls the phone number formatter, so it should be correct for your locale. (This call is benign for email addresses, and returns them unchanged. I can't confirm that for services other than Google Talk) This patch is primarily for users with one of the timestamp patches installed, like timestamps-clean, which hides the divider between groups of messages in the chat view that normally show when there is a gap between messages, or when a new number is used. I've been using that patch so long that I forgot the app used to display the phone number or IM address in the divider. My inspiration was to figure out which phone# I had sent a message to after a friend got a new number, that somehow dropped out of my contact for him, so I was texting his old number without realizing it.

    So far, this patch has only been tested on a Pre2 (Franken) and Pre3 running 2.2.4, so please report back with success or failure using different webOS versions and devices.

    Edit: updated with separate patches for 2.1 and 2.2. Make sure you download the right version!
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    I will test in in 2.1 for you, I'm probly the only one who likes that version

    I am really unfamiliar with other versions, but in 2.1 there's a dropdown in the upper right where you have the option to call the number
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    Thanks. The problem I had was it was impossible to tell what number an old message was sent to or came from. The dropdown is for picking which number to send the next message to.
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    Is it possible to add the date and time for 2.1 and lower?
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    Install failed on 2.1, tried internalz pro and quick install
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    Is it possible to add the date and time for 2.1 and lower?
    2.2.4 uses Enyo 1 for the messaging app and 2.1 still uses Mojo if I'm correct. Likely the patch could be similar, but would need some work for 2.1.x
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    It certainly didn't look like Enyo code to me.. Pretty certain it's still Mojo. I'll look into the differences in 2.1. I also considered looking into having the timestamp patch not hide the separators, but that was after I did this, and it got me into a big mess when I was sorting things out to build the patch - my fault, but a royal pain.
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    The 2.1 patch has been added to the first post. The messaging code is enough the same that I was able to copy the changes to the 2.1 version with essentially no changes.
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    It works very well

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    Thanks. Looks like it could use some localization.. How would you translate "from" and "to"? And is this Italian?
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    Installed on 2.1, good job
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    Thanks. Looks like it could use some localization.. How would you translate "from" and "to"? And is this Italian?
    It would be fine , from (da ) to ( a)
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    Wouldn't it make sense to include the timestamps clean patch in yours? Or perhaps make it a dependency?
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    In some respects I guess it would, though it's not mandatory to have both. Since I can't package and put it in Preware, I don't think I can add a true dependency. Maybe I should've made it tweaks-enabled? That would be a useful bundle.

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