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    A patch I've missed since moving to webOS 2.x is the the one that displays the total number of messages in the header of the chat conversation view. Well, I finally had a little time to get it working yesterday. I didn't want to necro the 1.x thread that has been still since 2010 more or less, so I created a new one. I still need to generate a .patch package, but when I do, I'll add it here. I'm thinking I may have to generate multiple versions, compatible with other messaging patches.

    Updated patch to put message count in front of chat name, so it shows even when the chat name fill the entire header width.
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    Sounds great

    I wish I still had a webOS device to try it out on
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    I generated a patch file this morning and have attached it to the first post. Depending on how many other messaging patches you have installed, it may or may not install. I successfully installed it on my 2.2.4 Pre2 and Pre3 that both had character counter installed, and a couple other messaging patches, and it also worked on a 2.1 Pre2 with no other messaging patches installed. I installed it successfully with both Internalz and WOSQI. Please report any issues or success.
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    What, was I the only one that missed this patch? Anyone have a success or failure to report?

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    I'll give it a try.

    Strangely, I was wondering today if the contacts app could display a count of contacts, but it seems not. No doubt there's something in Impostah I could read or I simply export to a spreadsheet and count the line entries.

    Yes, it's my Christmas card list...
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    Contacts: settings and accounts : account

    This will show the number of contacts, for the choosen account (also for your SIM cards)

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    I just remembered that I never updated this patch after I tweaked on my phone last week. I moved the count to display before the name, otherwise you can't see it when the name takes up the full width of the header. I'll generate a new patch today and update the first post.
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    First post updated with new patch version.
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    Hi Matt,
    I had not seen this before.
    Installed and tested on my Pre3 recently.
    Will be placed it in the view of general conversations?
    Thanks for the work.
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    I may put it in the list of conversations, but that will require running a query for each conversation, and could slow down opening the app.
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    Ah, ok, logic.
    Thanks for your answer and your job.

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