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    My EV icon is staying on for hours.

    Airplane mode interrupts but it resumes afterward.
    same with data toggle in the phone app. Ev keeps running.

    ive already set all emails to manual check. gchat is off. backup is off.

    how can i figure out what is constantly running my Ev?

    i tried netstat app but it doesnt list apps, it only counts total data per transporting signal.

    has no one addressed this critical need yet? i cant find anything and i know this is not new.

    help! im sick of seeing this Ev icon lit. i want to know what it is!
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    I haven't found a way to monitor what is being accessed. Whenever mine does that lately, it's my Google calendar sync going nuts. I don't think I saw a ton of activity in the logs, but as calendar sync with Google has been a problem recently, I suspected it to be the cause. I turned off my Google calendars in the accounts app and it stopped. I then waited five or ten minutes for things to get cleaned up, turned calendar back on, and things stayed normal. I've had too do this twice in the last couple of months.
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    Ok i did forget the calendar sync on one gmail. But i just switched it off and the Ev is still stuck on.

    Is it trying to communicate with Palm server to sync hpwebOS account calendar? This cannot be switched off without a Google account available to default to.

    But this brings up a new question: when the palm server goes off, if we can't keep a Google calendar sync is it going to forever try connecting to Hp? We need a patch to switch it off?

    Ev still burning. What to do next? I just switched off contact sync too. Ugh i hate doing that. Also cleared my cache, cookies, and history from the browser. Then i opened the you tube app. Seemed to just open browser. Closed it.

    Now data is off. Coincidence? Idk what to do about this. I feel i need to know what it is before i can switch on all the stuff I've switched off. It doesn't make sense to be you tube. 20 mins later ev seems chill again. can it be you tube? Wtf?

    This will be a problem to drive me away from the phone before the hp thing. I can't have battery drain away in 3 hrs when it's only in my pocket supposedly in stand by.

    Also, i tried installing that globalsign patch and it failed saying it couldn't make a pem file. Then i realized there was a second copy of the ipk in downloads and figured id already installed. But now I'm not fully sure if it was successful either since i don't remember doing it. I think i would remember a failure though.

    This crap is why i really miss OTA updates. Fixes from someone who knows what is going on inside the phone. I sure don't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TJs11thPre View Post
    how can i figure out what is constantly running my Ev?
    If you have terminal access, try this method with tcpdump/netstat. May seem a bit crude, but apparently works
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    Aw man that looks complicated. I have no idea what that gibberish is. I can't believe there is no better solution for this issue yet.

    Even android easily tells me what is running, and i have a kill all button.


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