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    So I have this thing where I absolutely hate landscape mode and many articles are un-readable in portrait, and sometimes even in landscape.

    So the mobilize with instapaper is supposed to be the solution but it sucked too. On my phone I would get text that was still a little too small, it displayed in a serif font which I don't like on phones, and there was this persistent "save to instapaper" banner obscuring part of the text.

    Quite by mistake, while distracted I did something and all of a sudden it was displayed properly. It took some doing to figure out what I did, but finally I figured out that one has to hit the reload button again.

    So did everybody know this except me? Or was I the only one with this problem?

    Edit: Now it seems that it is displaying the proper format all the time, no ned to reload (so far). Very cool indeed
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    Been testing with mostly with articles form the verge website. Sometime still have to reload to get the more readable format. Strange, since when I check the url seems to be the same. Anyway at least I know what to do
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    Well now the verge has gone and changed their mobil website with larger font size and now easy to read, so no need to mobilize. But now it does't behave properly, there is blank space where images are supposed to be and clicking on a video just relaods the page.

    Still looking for a tech site that works good for when I have time to kill. Any suggestions welcome.
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    I have settled on a free app called "NewsG" as my best solution for tech/news time wasting reading app. I think its a google reader client or something like that, and it is one of the best apps I have ever used.

    It has a great search function and launches linked articles optimized for mobil, new card by default or require double click. And no more fighting with tiny fonts and browser crashing and re-loading.

    A few sites behave weirdly like the verge and forbes, and no video seems to work, but its free and I would have paid good money for it
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    Can't have you talking to only yourself in here anymore.

    I suspect that our display issues come from conflict with the browser, which i frequently see reported as Opera. How many sites optimize for limited choice of popular browsers. I don't browse much with webOS, but using Firefox on this particular android nexus 7 '12 i find i frequently have to switch to desktop mode, or change to another browser, dolphin or chrome. Things just don't display right. Annoying lack of uniformity maybe.

    I hate all the background crap in websites. Redirects, flash, mobile, etc. I wish there were easily used control panels for these things but they like to hide it all.

    Glad you are finding alternatives to read. I don't read much anymore. Everything i read lately just makes me very unhappy. I used to read huffington post but it got big and bloated now it's just another tabloid.
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    Technology is moving and inventing new ways of doing things forcing the clients to try to keep up.

    I recently had to write lastpass asking what to do when sites use a pop up for login dialog that lastpass don't reccognize. They responded with a work around which is too much work, maybe they will figure it out eventually
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    I installed NewsG to check it out. Looks alight - perhaps I can seen myself off of Yahoo for news. :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    I installed NewsG to check it out. Looks alight - perhaps I can seen myself off of Yahoo for news. :/
    Yahoo has such a nice light mobil site and still crashes my browser with just two browser cards. So frustrating
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    Yahoo has such a nice light mobil site and still crashes my browser with just two browser cards. So frustrating
    Where I hate it most is on the Touchpad, where you get the mobile site and the link to switch to the desktop site does not work!
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    Late to the party, as always, but I just discovered this app and it's great. I especially like the option to render the articles with the google mobilizer.

    The app is available in preware too, so it won't be disappearing with the server shutdown. Nice.
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