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    In WebOS 1.4.5 and 2.1 (and in Webos 3.x on Touchpad), when you click a Name in the recipient list of the adressing widget (of an email or an SMS for instance), the email address or the phone number is fully selected and I find it easier to fully modify it, remove it or copy it. I wrote this patch for WebOS 2.2.4 to recover that behaviour.

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    Not sure I understand the description, but good to see new patch work going on. I will try to see if it installs on my 2.1 device. Thanks.
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    I have no device running 2.1 but I tested with a 2.1 image in the emulator and the function was still OK like in 1.4.5. The function got broken in 2.2.x versions I guess. So this patch is only useful for Pre 2, Pre 3 or Veer running 2.2.x.

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    I always thought there was something wonky about the addressing widget in 2.2.4, but I never realized what it was, because I so rarely use a device on 2.1 or older to send an email. Thanks.
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    Failed t install 2.1, still not sure what it does tho, maybe a screen shot would help if you don't mind
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    You don't need it Ray. When you have typed a name into the addressing field, and selected an email or phone#, as you know it adds it and shows the name. If you want to remove a recipient or send to a different # or email for them, you tap their name. On 2.1 it will select the email or # for you, and you can remove it or pick a different # or email. On 2.2.4 it just puts the cursor at the start of the entry. This patch restores the behavior from 2.1. I already confirmed what it does on 2.1 and 2.1.2, because I couldn't remember.
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    Thanks Grabber. Never mind then

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