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    I was looking for this patch, saw a request about it but apparently no existing patch so I tried to do mine.

    First of all, please note a few things :
    - it has only be tested on a Veer and Pre2 running WebOS2.2.4. It should also work on Pre3 with 2.2.4.
    - On WebOS devices, emails are stored in the db8 database. db8 is not really versatile in terms of data query. Basically, if you want to perform a query with a certain combination of where clause and an orderby clause, you probably need to create an index before querying. That is what I did, I modified /var/etc/ to add 4 new indexes. If there are some devs around, perhaps you can tell me if I run the risk of breaking functionalities doing that. For the moment I haven't noticed any side effects.
    - Consequence on the point above, adding new indexes has an effect on DB indexes size. If you have many emails account with many sync emails in them, using this patch may not be a good idea, unless you resize the DB partition (check this : MojoDB Partition Resize). Note that you can check the size of your db with the command df -h from the command line. If you a haven't got a huge amount of emails it shouldn't be an issue though.
    - There might be a way to develop a patch for that without messing with indexes, using search instead of find to query the DB, then filtering the result (as the email app does to handle universalsearch over emails). Unfortunately, it does not seem to work with the read criteria, I don't know why. I haven't found documentation about search post filtering, perhaps it has not been fully developped/tested but at least it works for universal search.

    How to use it : Install the patch with preware of webosquickinstall. When you've done that, luna restarts automatically. This is not enough to rebuild indexes, you have to restart your device or to enter this on the terminal :
    luna-send -n 1 palm://com.palm.configurator/run '{"types":["dbkinds"]}'
    Once done, into any inbox, try tap on the folder header, you'll toggle between hide/show read messages. If you want to show the folder information popup, press the option key while you tap on the header. The option is not persistent : If you close a folder then go back in it, you will see all emails by default.

    Notice : The backup file of file (one of the 2 patched files) is not stored in the original folder, otherwise it interferes with the patched one and prevents the patch from working. So I manually set another path in the patch file but this result in a 0 byte backup file. I tested the unpatch procedures and it worked fine for me. Nevertheless, to avoid any trouble, you can manually backup this file on your computer using WOSQI. It is located here :
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    Great idea! I've been wanting something like that for my Pre since day one.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't work on my Pre3, It shows no emails or all emails, not just the ones that are marked unread.

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    I checked on my Pre2 and I get the same problem : the list gets empty. I will try to figure out why.

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    No delta between Pre2, Pre3 and veer in 2.2.4 doctors for the files I'm trying to patch.

    The problems seems to come from a conflict between the updated index definition and the original one. As the backup (which is made automatically when you install a patch) is is the same directory. So parsing the db_kinds dir, WebOS probably overrides the index definition of with the original one defined in

    I propose a new version of the patch called V2 and I remove the Veer tag as it worked on my Pre 2. See the first post just above.

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