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    First let me say I hate to go back especially since this is webos.

    So the question is if bookmarks and history are links how come hold tap context menu does not work in the bookmarks tile or links page to open in new card
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    I suppose because bookmarks and history are part of the app and the context menu just works in the webview part of the browser, but it would be possible to add this feature (there are patches that do the same in messaging and email)
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    OK. That's a reasonable explanation, I am surprised no one made a patch for that back in the heyday of patch making.

    A puzzling thing happens to me sometimes where the I can have two instances of the phone app running at the same time. For example selecting call log will open in a new card. Curious if this happen to anyone else. Its not something I can replicate at will tho
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    I don't know if he is still active but maybe sconix can add this to the advanced system behavior patch
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    If instead of swiping down to bookmarks, you swipe down to open a new card, then it will open with your 'top' bookmarks. To see ALL your bookmarks, you still need list view, but it's not that much more effort.

    Swipe > tap bookmarks > hold button, tap selected (how you want to do it - or are you thinking meta-tap - without keyboard?)
    Swipe > tap new card > Swipe (if needed bookmark is not on main page), tap bookmarks, tap selected (might need to scroll to)

    I make that 4 ideal actions vs 5-6 currently. That said, if someone is willing and able to patch in that UI feature, then why not?

    Or long term , you could try a feature request over here...
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    Coming soon

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