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    Update from Novaldex:

    The patch portal has officially stalled, but that's now less to do with complexity and more to do with underlying technology changes I need to make with the webos-ports servers. Once they're done it can come back on my radar again (probably be a few months, think of it as being a refresh cycle).
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    Not good, no no, not good
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    Quote Originally Posted by jasondoes View Post
    Not good, no no, not good
    Note that server maintenance is happening this week, so it could be good news. The patches are available (well, maybe not this week). The problem is in updating and submitting new patches. The code that handled this was hacked. Some updated code exists, so there is hope at least of a fully functional patch portal returning. But no one will promise anything as there are a limited number of skilled people available and they are all volunteers.
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    @Herrie @Preemptive: Developer (C/Java/PHP) / Sysadmin (Linux/Win) here with lots (15++ years) of experience. Maybe I can be of some help. I have some extra backup too (colleague/friend with Pre3 :-)))
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    webOS Ports are on IRC. Freenode #webos-ports You will need to register your nickname. I expect you are familiar with IRC, but there's a recent post on registering on the user group thread (link below).
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    Note this update, which will hopefully benefit a number of projects including this one: WebOS Internals files recovered & migrated. Patch feed code has been successfully run, though there are still bugs to be ironed out. There will no doubt be much discussion of this on the 17th.
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    I'm not sure we can get the automated portal back up and running like it was before. It was written with PHP3 I think and would need some serious updating for PHP7 I would expect. And some security fixing etc.

    Accepting patches to the repo's should be possible though and generating feeds too, however still working through all the various issues that appear by being on a new building. The previous builder was on Ubuntu 10.04 or 11.04 I think. We're now on 16.04 and testing locally also on 18.04. So there are some additional bits required to get everything working. The log file is very big (365k lines), so it takes a while to go through, check and fix remaining issues.
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    It seems it is possible to manually update the feed. To do that, we need to start with a list of everything that could be added.

    I guess it's best just to request contributions. Patches not on the feed will be most likely posted on this forum. If you can find items here then post a link.

    Maybe it should be a separate thread or maybe here - comments please.

    Also there will need to be deadline / period (probably in months). Maybe every... quarter?

    Let's start with monthly, then move to quarterly.

    Deadline 1: July 31
    Dealine 2: August 31st
    Deadline 3: September 30th
    After that, every quarter.

    On these dates, a list and the files will be passed to webOS internals so the feed can be manually updated.
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    As there have been no comments, I think I will proceed to start a separate thread.

    As this thread was started on the 20th of December 2013, we can date the loss of the patch portal from there, so any patches posted to this forum since that date can be considered eligible to be added to the update list.
    webOS-Patches Web Portal hacked | pivotCE
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    The output from a test run of the patch portal feed build can be found here: webos-preware-feeds #43 Console [Jenkins]
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    This test seems to be working better: webos-preware-feeds #45 Console [Jenkins]

    Here's the thread to list available patches. Add your favourites (and any others you find). Next deadline is the 31st of this month.
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