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I'll add my "Yes, please" to this. I just discovered the failure. It was working on the Pre3...briefly flirted with a Nokia Windows Phone, back to webOS with a panda Veer, no more MP3s. It's a shame. I really enjoyed using that feature and undoubtedly a fix would take little time for the revenue I would expect from, as previously stated, Amazon having the only app that people on webOS can use to buy MP3s. I wonder if anyone out there who doesn't have to log in because they already had their 1-click activated is still able to use the app?

Oh, and Alan, it certainly wouldn't hurt to note it in Pivot.
Amazon can't fix the borked code. It's a Palm app iirc. So it'd be totally on us (read: Matt ) to patch it.

Ad I had one-click, etc. Didn't work for me either.