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    28px?! Holy smoke! I'll see how it looks on a Veer, but even 22px on my Pre2 looks gigantic.

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    actually what would be more practical would be an extension of the regional settings to allow to change fonts and fonts sizes in a seamless way all over the phone
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    That would be great if all apps used only standard webOS CSS classes for things, but that's not the case for many apps. And frankly, I wouldn't want a global font size setting that affected 3rd party apps that might react in unexpected ways to a font size change.

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    Ah, didn't think about that
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    28px?! Holy smoke! I'll see how it looks on a Veer, but even 22px on my Pre2 looks gigantic.
    Yes, 28px can look very big at first, just like 22px does, when compared to the current max 18px font size. Once you look at the larger font size for a while, you get used to it and may want it even bigger, especially the later it gets at night and the more reading you do.

    I notice that I can read text faster when there are only 3-5 words per line since I don't have to move my eyes as much anymore and can just stay focused more in the middle of the line while scrolling the next line into view.

    Thank you, Grabber5.0, for being willing to enhance the Forums app to support larger font sizes! Once this is done, I think Forums will become one of my favorite webOS apps too.

    With the App Store going away soon and all the poor choices HP has made, it is nice to have something positive to look forward to. With the font size increase I was able to do in Email Compose and Messages, I am liking my Pre3 even more. It is like a new device again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    I actually was thinking of adding another font size or two recently as well - I guess my age is catching up with my eyes. I don't know a way to do it without having a fixed set if sizes, so all I can do is add a couple of larger options.
    How about consider adding them +4px apart for now? So after the existing 18px, that would be 22px and then 26px.

    Update 1/8/14: Question to Gabber5.0:
    I see the following signature in some of your forum posts (not in this thread):
    "Sent from my Palm TouchPad using Forums"

    I installed the Forums app on my TouchPad and it does not use the entire screen. It looks exactly the same as what I see on my Pre3, but positioned in the middle of my TouchPad's screen, with lots of unused black space around it. Is it full screen for you on your TouchPad?
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    Hi Grabber. Thanks very much for this patch! I've been meaning to install this for some time and finally got around to it.

    In the unpatched forums app, my most visited forum always triggered "incompatible forum" error message. I clicked Ok, and then went about my business. The patch has fixed that annoying and useless message.

    Also, I now much enjoy reading threads that have photo attachments, which always risked the unpatched app going into glacier mode.

    Cheers :-)
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    but how do I access to the forums , I enter into webos nation with user and pass google ... ??? these days the my brain is in deficit : - )
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    As far as I'm aware, Tapatalk does not support login via Google. I have not looked into it, but I have been told by someone else that the official Tapatalk app does not have that feature either. If I find out any more, I will post an update.
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    My forums app is version 1.4.0. Do I need the patch?

    Best regards

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    The patch version is independent from the app version. All patches are for the latest app version which is 1.4.0. So you meet the requirements to install the patch and should do so to make forums work better.
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    If you have the latest from Preware, you do not need the patch. I need to get an app thread started, because this is probably confusing people. The patch only works on the catalog version, which is v1.2.5 and of course has a different package id. If you want to export your saved forums from the catalog to the homebrew version, install patch version 1.3.9 which adds an export button, then the homebrew version's import button will import them.
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    hello I can not install , I downloaded on PC and sent to phone via e-mail
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    Just install the app from the Preware feed. You don't need the patch unless you only have the catalog version installed.
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    do you mean that the downloaded version from Preware does not need to patch ?
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    ok I understand thanks
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    Had the same problem. Now its clear. Thank you.
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    Grabber, I thought you might be interested to know that the creator of Forum Fiend, an android Tapatalk alternative that operates very similarly to the webOS Forums app (in terms of user functionality), has just open sourced it. Maybe seeing the code would be helpful at some point in the future? Anyways, here's some links, and thanks for all the work you've done here!

    Forum Fiend

    About the Forum Fiend Open Source Project

    Here's the github url, but he hasn't posted anything there yet:
    IIIxe | z22 | Pre 3 | Bold 9900 | Q10 | Passport SE
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    Interesting, thanks.
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    I just uploaded version 1.4.2 to the gallery. Hopefully it will show in Preware soon.

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