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    It's not so much lack of interest as lack of time. I already have too much going on. I doubt there are any technical reasons the new API won't work, but I haven't looked at them in depth. I did look at the vids and docs you linked to recently. Since I can still play videos, subject to the same tap-until-it-plays problem we've had for a while, I suspect the stream URLs aren't changing, or not much.
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    Ha ha!

    Are you the only one left?

    Maybe I'll look over the weekend - I'll kid myself that I can cut and paste half-understood code. I need a steep learning curve!

    At least it still seems to be working a bit for now...
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    I'm interested but I'm mad about the whole issue so I'm pouting.
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    I have been able to play youtube videos yesterday on my Pre3 and they looked fine. I installed the fix low YouTube quality patch yesterday on my backup Pixi Plus and could play videos fine. Ohh.. I just read that the due date is late may...
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    I looked back to the search request, that was modified for this path and tried to migrate this to API-V3.
    The old one was:{vq}&orderby=relevance&max-results=#{maxResults}&start-index=#{startindex}&alt=json&format=#{format}&safeSearch=strict&client=#{clientId}
    The new one might be something like this:{maxResults}&order=relevance&q=#{vq}&safeSearch=strict&key=#{clientI d}

    Tested on
    The response of this request can be found when the parameters are filled in and Execute is pressed, so one has to convert this result into a list. After that one has to build a request to start the video the right way.

    I doubt that I would be able to fix this problem. But if - I definitely would need some weeks or maybe months for it...

    Besides I personally prefer watching Youtube on big screens - maybe 5 times a month on my HP Touchpad, but most of the time on my desktop computer. So I'm not really missing Youtube on my Veer and on my Pre 2.
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    Youtube App on my Palm Pre is not working now. It doesn't play the videos. Thank you Google. NOT. Palm Pre is not a supported device anymore. Death by a thousand cuts.
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    Great... they killed my AppleTV 2, too...

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    Yep they killed a bunch of not-that-old devices. I am hoping the outrage will bring action. Frankly I do not like the new iframe API. It's geared toward browsers. Web views on webOS may not handle it very well, certainly the browser doesn't - I can't get them to go full screen, and it detects flash even if you disable it and tries to use the flash player instead of the html5 player.
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    See this thread for my pre3 2.2.4 solution.
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    i doctor pre2, and after installing " youtube -quality- fix_2.2.4 - v2_theoneill_fix.patch " video play enough . I installed " mp4 video downloader patck " and before I could see the top right of the video to mp4 download . Now I can download video mp4 but before the opening enclose picture , if I want streem or download . If I choose download 3gp I take not supported .
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