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    as I just described in a thread in the Pre/Pre+ forum, my old Pre+ is now a "new" device, because it got wiped as being "no longer connected to your profile".

    Strangely, at least some patches are still there (all those that change the look and feel in an obvious way).

    Is it safe to start over with the patches already in place?

    ...or should I first get rid of the patches (HOW?) and really start my installation from scratch?


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    It's safe. All the remote wipe procedure does is remove user profile-specific and/or private data, like purchase/installed apps, notes, call/sms history, browser bookmarks and so on. It does not verify system file "integrity", and what patches and themes do is modify system files.

    So go ahead and sign on to your Palm Profile or create a new one if you're using the old profile on another phone.

    If you want a truly clean install, if for example you're giving the phone away to a member of your family, just Doctor it. WebOS Doctor ROMs are available on the HP website, or you can use direct links provided in the webOS Internals wiki.

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