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    I'm sure I've just missed this option somewhere, but I can't find a Just Type option for 'Add New Contact'.

    I've always wanted to be able to type a name using Just Type, then select 'Add new contact' and a new contact would be added to my address book with this name. Then I can fill in the other details.
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    That would be great and with a semicolon as seperator you could even fill the first telephone number automagically (which is often the info you get when meeting someone):

    Name Firstname ; 00129383727634

    Code for this is already there in UC Patch for just type adding new events with date and place
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    Should be fairly straight forward to be honest for at least 1 of the 2 parts

    There are 2 parts to it:

    1. Getting it in the actual list of actions to choose (easiest part):

    In /usr/palm/applications/, replace the existing content with the following:

    	"title": "Contacts",
    	"type": "web",
    	"main": "index.html",
    	"icon": "icon.png",
    	"splashicon": "icon-256x256.png",
    	"splashBackground": "images/splash-contacts-list.png",
    	"id": "",
    	"noWindow" : true,
    	"keywords": ["Addresses", "People"],
    	"universalSearch": {
    		"action" :  { 
    			"displayName" : "Add Contact",
    			"url"         : "",
    			"launchParam" : {"action":"addContact"}
    The second part would be trickier, you would need to add the actual action (addContact) as per above to the contacts app. For inspiration you might want to look info /usr/palm/applications/

    Around line 428 there are interesting bits:
    	if (arg.taskSubject){ //quick action
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    Funnily enough, the developer page for Just Type even mention this functionality as an example:
    Displays apps that launch with a specific task, for example: send a new email, write a new memo, add a contact, etc.
    HP Pre 3 (UK)

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