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    Is there a skilled dev to implement a Just Type enhancement for the Messaging app so one can Just Type a message (like already possible now) and after a breaking sign ( add Contact-Initials behind it to fill in the Send to: field
    Just Type:
    <Message> ; <JD>
    -> Press "New Message"
    whould be in
    Messaging Card:
    TO: JD| <-Cursor
    - John Doe
    001 2332435 MOBILE
    - John Dorian
    001 325325 MOBILE <--- Touch to select

    <message> "^" <--- send Message

    Something similar is done in Ubercalendar patch with eventsubject ; date expression; location , so the groundworks should be there.
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    Did you look at Quick Actions (in preware or the app store)? I haven't looked at it, but It may do what you want.
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    no sadly it's not suitable. It is an app to do such things but first it only supports 1 argument (which would be text OR TO-contact) which the build in "New message" quick action can do as well and secondly the app (Message) would need support to take this second "TO:"-argument and fill the correct field - which is exactly why i am asking for this patch.

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