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    I have not been able to find a patch to increase speaker phone volume on my pre2.

    I have seen some searching the forums but none work (install) .

    Any one knows if such a patch exixsts or can update a 1X version? Thanks
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    I don't currently have a v.2 device to figure this out, but since a lot of people say the Pre2 has insufficient volume all around, i wonder if this app for the touchpad will be any use...

    If it doesn't work out of the box, the code might still point us in the right direction, since v.2 and v.3 are a lot more similar to each other than to v.1.4
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    I think touchvol only increase media volume while phone call front speaker and back speaker are total different and would require separate patches.

    I have patches installed to increase media volume, bluetooth and front speaker (although I can't really notice a difference on phone calls), but the most important one volume on speaker phone still too low. Need to be really quit room to be useful. Drives me crazy
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    I was talking about pigsflew's app itself on that page, and not TouchVol, but if they both do the same thing via the same mechanism, i guess it's no help. However, i assumed the setting was "global" and from what i could tell, it is outside of Luna, bypassing the usual "luna system service" mechanisms

    Hopefully some of the existing patches will offer a hint as to what else we can do here.
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    Yeah. I figure it should be possible to find the code for speaker phone values using internals on a 2x device and copy the values that seemed to work for the 1X patches. Will check it out this weekend
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    Well, from what i can tell, there's a service call that sets volume via Luna (palm://, where % is either media, system or ringtone) and there's also some way to control volume at kernel level...

    So if we will exhaust the Luna-based volume capacity, then the only thing left is to adjust volume at kernel level, which, as i understood, was what pigsflew's app was supposed to do
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    Have you checked out "Audio switch"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by horzel View Post
    Have you checked out "Audio switch"?
    Yes, Audio Switch cant fix that. Wish it could tho
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    any updates?
    Sorry for my English =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xamil View Post
    any updates?
    See post #267 of this thread for the 2x patch:
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    Great... but this patches cannot install in my Pre 3.

    Do you know if there is some patch to increase volume in the 2.2.4 version?

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