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    Hi guys,

    I gotta fly, REAL quick. Haven't tested the diff yet. Need someone. Go for it.


    CREATOR: Bryan Leasot, @fxspec06,
    DATE: 3.2.13
    DESCRIPTION: Enables rotation of PDF Viewer from "up"-only (portrait) to "free"; added handler logic to work around nasty bug that prevented this from happening for 3 years. Side effects: Black screens for moments after rotation, stage activate, or deactivate. Most of the time, this goes away after 1 second.. occasionally the screen will remain black. A rotate or minimize/maximize fixes. Widgets are unaffected. **NOTE: Landscape, while working, is not properly scaled right now. This is v0.0.1 of the patch, and will be fixed shortly.
    LOCATION OF FILE ON DEVICE: /usr/palm/applications/
    POSSIBLY SUPPORTED: All webOS phones running webOS 2.0 or later
    NOTES: It's possible the code added could also work for older webOS versions of the PDF Viewer, with little to no modification.
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    Loads, execute and displays landscape but won't scroll the landscape screen. (Pre3/2.2.4)
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    I'll try it thank you!!!!!!!!!
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    Tried it on webos 2.1 Causes a luna restart. Sometimes not but then when it rotates it doesn't display the contents, just black, like pdf redux. Seems like a tough nut to crack
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    Man I could swear I had pdf working in landscape before. Must have been when I was using the pre- before webos 2x

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