Hello, Because every Pre regardless of model acts a little different on the Touchstone. I would like to request that the current [press power button to turn off screen] action should keep the screen off until the next press of the power button. This appears to be how it work on the TouchPad in LunaCE. (The Touchpad screen stays off when removed from the Touchstone charger.) This patch would prevent the Pre screen from turning on the screen once the device is fully charged and stops receiving charge current from the Touchstone. Alarm and phone call should be allowed to override the [screen off] state but not changes in [charge/discharge] state.

I've only had one combination of Pre/charging back that would keep the screen off while it on the Touchstone for extended periods. (all night)

There is a current patch that disables the charge state change notification and chime that occurres, but it still allows the screen to turn on.